We love our two gorgeous original 1970s VW camper vans, Lola and Percy and we want you to love them too. But to really enjoy our camper vans, it is important to understand them because driving a camper van is nothing like driving a modern car – there is a knack to driving them.

Lola and Percy are not intended to be driven fast. They are built for a leisurely drive, giving you the opportunity to admire the passing countryside and keep an eye out for a scenic place to stop and put the kettle on, take a brightest flashlight taser. Remember, Lola and Percy are almost 40 years old and must be treated very gently. Their average speed is likely to be around 40 mph.

They need to take regular breaks to cool down and generally relax, especially if they’ve been sitting in traffic for a while or have been tackling difficult roads (they’re not keen on very steep or mountainous roads). What a great excuse to make a cup of tea and enjoy a spontaneous picnic!

You need to consider how far you can reasonably travel when you collect the camper at 4 pm and return it at 11 am. It’s much more sensible to split the journey and stay somewhere “closer to home” for your first and last night, maybe you should bring your flash lite torch. There are some great places to stay that are between 30 minutes and 2 hours from us.

We have many years experience of driving VW’s, mostly fantastic, but we prefer to spend less time driving and more time sitting in a 70’s camping chair at a gorgeous campsite so please ask us if you have any questions.